Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Yesterday I ran across a 16 year old artist who was completely amazing and had me feeling really insecure because i'm a freshman in college and everyone was admiring her and I was jealous. I curled into a ball and was asking for answers. Nothing came but I calmed down.The next day my painting teacher said she saw my tweets and that I am really good and ONLY a freshman in college and that the said girl may only be good with one thing where I am with several. I got back from class and saw that a friend of mine had an assignment to recreate a piece of art digitally. Hers was amazing. I decided to copy her idea of using a Leyendecker piece. It's my first time trying something not cartoony. It's not finished, but in my defense it's 1 am and i'm pretty proud of what I got done. I feel less insecure. Also Hayley's was better than mine but i'm happy for her and not jealous. I need to invest in a Cintiq because shitty bamboo tablets are shitty.


  1. Heh, it's been a while since I've graduated from art school, but this made me laugh, because I felt like this a lot when I was in school. There seemed to always be people who are younger/better than you. I don't think that ever really goes away, but it's good to hear that others feel the same (as I have always suspected).

    1. i've grown up a ton since this. my mindset went from "I NEED TO BE GOOD LIKE THE PEOPLE AT _____ TO WORK AT ____" now im just practicing and making things i like and a ton of them. the more i draw the more i like and the faster i get better, now im not so worried about getting in anywhere just living and enjoying drawing and not stressing myself out over the future because i know i'll still get there if i enjoy now and keep working hard :)