Friday, March 18, 2016

It's been a while


Hello, It's been a while I have been busy with my corporate foreign international travel agent job. Luckily it's from home so when I get off of work I've started a painting routine and it feels great. I was in an art rut for a while but meanwhile I started making music, writing stories, instant film photography, sewing, and basically all things art related. 

On another note i'll explain my drawings in order from top to bottom.
 One and Two are only thumbnails and nothing final. They were from a scene I was inspired by for Tim Burton's newest film. I just wanted to play with the "swimming in an abandoned ship and breathe underwater" thing. Illustration 3 is actually a warm up I did the day before One and Two. I blew the dust off of my cintiq for good old fashioned stress relief. It was to help me play with brushes and styles for a story i'm writing which has nothing to do with the drawing itself. The final one is once again for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, like One and Two, this one was done because I loved the concept of Olive's boots keeping her grounded so that she would sink down to her ship or keep her from floating away. Also being stuck in the past and immortal. All fun ideas that were floating in my head and I had to get out and post mistakes and all. 
Something is lovely about raw work.

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